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Caroline Jasper

Caroline Jasper

66 years old
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  • Jean
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  • Prankearts
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Colorist and Impressisonist-influenced oil painter. Author of books: "Powercolor-Master Color Concepts for All Media", "Painters' Guide and Color Manual-Strategies for All Media"; DVD: "Color Moves-Painting Water with Oils". Workshop instructor across America.

website: www.carolinejasper.com

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  • Caroline Jasper
    by Caroline Jasper 4 years ago
    Thanks for thinking of me Jean.
  • Jean
    by Jean 4 years ago
    Wishing you a wonderfull Birthday ! from easel
  • Lucie Beauchesne
    by Lucie Beauchesne 4 years ago
    Hi Caroline, I thank you for your encouragement on my painting july challenge, I appreciate your visit on my painting a lot. Your words are so encouraging. Good day to you. Lucie bye
  • Lucie Beauchesne
    by Lucie Beauchesne 4 years ago
    Hi Caroline, how do you go? I have just put the new paintings on my page, if it enchants you to come to see my work, I would be happy to have your comments.
    I wanted to say hello to you and in the pleasure to speak again. Good week my friend. Lucie bye
  • Lucie Beauchesne
    by Lucie Beauchesne 4 years ago
    Hi Caroline, as I am happy that you accepted my invitation to be my friend here on the site, I welcome you on my friend's page and I can say to you that I like very much the functioning of the site, because it is so easy for me to correspond. Good week and in the pleasure to share beautiful projects and what I can admire tone your paintings because I find them magnificent. Your friend Lucie bye
  • Prankearts
    by Prankearts 4 years ago
    Hi Caroline,
    This painting is sold and the size is: 24X20X00.75"



    p.s.: Your Art is really great!
  • Lucie Beauchesne
    by Lucie Beauchesne 4 years ago
    Hi Carolin, I have just sent you an invitation to be my friend here on the site, because I shall appreciate to have you as friend and to share our paintings and comments.
    Good day, Lucie bye
    by ANNEMARIE BOURKE 4 years ago
    Dear Caroline
    I just got your question today
    I guess the onlt trick I use to preserve whites is that I paint on Arches rough 300lb paper. And then very carefully carry on
    I don't use masking as it is very harsh and I can't get soft edges with it
  • Arthur Stillo
    by Arthur Stillo 4 years ago
    Caroline, Having a ball. Heading for the mountains,NC for the summer.
    Love your work, maybe one of your classes someday.
  • Caroline Jasper
    by Caroline Jasper 5 years ago
    I know I've raised this concern before. I was feeling disappointed not knowing who posted an image I wanted to comment on. Perhaps there could be a reminder to identify an image immediately after posting it. It is not obvious upon posting that you lose the chance to identify it later on.

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